Terrracotta Warrior facing eternity

Terrracotta Warrior facing eternity

A terracotta Warrior holding his lance( the lances were robbed from the pit in antiquity).

 This is a near replica of a Terracotta warrior found in  pit 1 in Xían ,China. The discovery in 1974 of a man digging a well unearthed roughly 8000 Terracotta lifesize copies of the first Qin emperor's army, to defend him from the mongel invasions to the north. These figurines have been colored to approximate the color of the origin figures that were dug from the pits befored it was realized that they were actually colored. However the depostion in the ground , a fire lit some short time after the internment left the pit and all its contents in ruin until the 1974 discovery. The TCW's are being restored to there former completion and then replaced in the same position.


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